N.D. governor bullish on future of oil development

Gov. Jack Dalrymple has comforting words for anyone still worried about the long-term future of oil and commerc[al development in western North Dakota.

Barring a collapse in oil prices, he’s convinced that mining for petroleum will continue for several decades.

“I think that people are beginning to realize, gradually, that this is not your grandfather’s oil boom. This is a different kind of thing entirely,” Dalrymple says in the latest edition of The Hegg Bakken Report, a weekly podcast produced by the Hegg Companies Inc.

What’s happening in North Dakota oil country is not really exploration, he says; it’s the removal of known resources at a highly successful rate.

That’s a meaningful distinction, and one that should help reduce any lingering public or business fears that rapid development of the Bakken area will stop anytime soon.

In the podcast interview, Dalrymple also points out that state and local governments in North Dakota are investing billions of dollars in infrastructure to accommodate the boom in the Bakken. State and local governments are allocating money at record rates into areas as roads, water systems, housing, law enforcement and schools.

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