Different HEGG employees at company events, building culture.

3 Reasons to Work for HEGG

December 13, 2022

When it comes to looking for your next career, we want you to consider HEGG. With 77 years of experience and over 300 current employees, we know how vital it is to have a foundation of great team members because YOU are our greatest asset. If you are considering a career switch, here are 3 reasons to join the HEGG family.


#1: Competitive benefits. 

With job opportunities in construction, hospitality, modular and development, we are looking for top talent to align with our high standards, which we compensate for accordingly, offering highly-competitive pay for hourly and salaried positions. 

In addition to competitive pay, we offer competitive benefits and perks, such as: 

401K Retirement

Available to all employees over the age of 21 after 6 months of employment.

Yearly Compensation Evaluations

Annual compensation reviews to ensure you are being paid what you deserve.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Paid time off to ensure work/life harmony. 0-1 year = 56 hours, 1-2 years = 88 hours, 2-5 years = 128 hours

Wellness Benefits

We offer a variety of wellness benefits, such as health insurance for full-time employees, dental insurance, health savings accounts, life insurance, short-term disability and more. 

Additional Perks

  • Paid Holidays. Hourly team members: Time and a half for 7 major holidays throughout the year. Salaried team members: 7 paid holidays, available to exchange for floating holidays.
  • Hotel Discounts. Discounts at Hilton properties anywhere in the world.
  • Coast 2 Coast Gym Membership Discount. 20% off membership fee at Coast 2 Coast Athletic Club.

View our full list of benefits here.

#2. Company culture is vital. 

It’s simple. We are value-oriented. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusion, support, and development–both professional and personal. The values we live and work by are below.

We find a way.

We are creative, innovative problem solvers who never say never.

Be better every day.

We are coachable, growth-minded professionals who learn from our mistakes, and have a passion for growth.

We are better together.

We are bold and respectful and believe that everyone’s voice matters. At HEGG, 1+1=3.

These values are important to the success of our teams because as long as we are growing and learning together, we are getting 1% better every day. Regardless of which sector or project you are working on, you will see these values displayed and showcased by our team members across the board. Finding solutions and working together is what makes HEGG, HEGG.


#3. We create memorable experiences that build community.

We consider it an honor to be part of creating memorable experiences that build community, and this is something we take seriously. Through our projects and community involvement, we are creating spaces where people in our community play, work, learn and live. As a team member at HEGG, you will have the responsibility and the privilege of helping to build these spaces. 

If you are hard-working, excited to learn, and passionate about community-building, then you are in the right place. Browse our open positions here, meet other HEGG team members and leaders, and let’s work together. 


Join Our Team

We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop their skills and apply them together to create the space where people in our community play, work, learn, and live.

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