Meet Daniel, a Production Line Foreman at HEGG

Meet Daniel, a Production Line Foreman at HEGG

July 22, 2022
HEGG is a leading construction, hospitality, and development company in Sioux Falls, which employs more than 300 team members. Meet Daniel, a Production Line Foreman at HEGG.

When it comes to building and developing new projects, there are many essential roles that move projects forward. Our team is vital to the success of HEGG and we wanted to have you meet the people that help make HEGG, HEGG. Today, we are taking you behind the scenes of HEGG Modular, a new initiative that focuses on a modular building approach, and are excited to have you meet Daniel, a Production Line Foreman. 

Daniel is originally from Colorado but decided to make the move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota this summer after HEGG recruited him. Daniel started his modular career journey over 20 years ago and has spent time working for various companies, all over the country. Now, he is proud to call both South Dakota and HEGG home. This is how and why Daniel made the choice to join our HEGG family. 

“It’s a new start-up. Always good to get on the ground floor and watch it build. Good company. Good experience.”, said Daniel. When we started our recruitment process, our team knew we needed someone like Daniel, who was excited about the growth and being on the ground level of a new project. 

“HEGG reached out and recruited me to get the start-up going, and layout of the production facility,” said Daniel. In the months that he has been working with HEGG, he has focused on helping complete the modular facility. 

With his years of experience, we also asked Daniel how he sees HEGG Modular being a game changer, and he said, “Modular is a thing of the future. We have to get the product and experience out there for others to see. There are all sorts of businesses that can benefit from a modular building approach. Hotels, convenience stores, laundromats, apartments, everything.”

When it comes to HEGG Modular, the working environment is a big added benefit, especially for those that have experienced working in outdoor elements in South Dakota. Weather is one of the big factors that impact employees’ working conditions and even job availability. “Our facility is a controlled environment, so you are not working with outside elements, like rain or snow. Plus, there is year-round work, and everything is climate-controlled”, said Daniel. So if this sounds like a job environment you are interested in, browse our open positions with HEGG. 

When we asked Daniel his favorite perks of working for HEGG and who should apply, he said he loves “watching the company grow, and a learning experience for everyone involved. And if you are committed, ready to work, and willing to do anything, come work”. No experience? No problem! With a modular production facility, we focus on showing all new team members, new or experienced, how to build units that we hold to the HEGG standard. 

If you are looking for a career change, and want to work for a company that sees PEOPLE as their most important asset, we would love to meet you. Whether you have years of experience or are looking to get started, browse our job openings, apply online and let’s “create memorable experiences that help build community”.

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