Meet DeCarlos, A Production Line Assembler at HEGG

Meet DeCarlo, A Production Line Assembler at HEGG

October 15, 2022
HEGG is a leading construction, hospitality, and development company in Sioux Falls, which employs more than 300 team members. Meet DeCarlos, a Production Line Assembler at HEGG.

When it comes to building and developing new projects, there are many important roles that move projects forward. Our team is vital to the success of HEGG and we wanted to have you meet the people that help make HEGG, HEGG. First, we are taking you behind the scenes of roles at HEGG Modular. This new initiative focuses on a modular building approach, starting with one of our Production Line Assemblers, DeCarlo. 

DeCarlo is a single father of four, and what drew him to this opportunity was the competitive pay and opportunity to learn something new. He already knows his favorite part of joining the team has been the camaraderie, “it’s like a family” says Decarlo. “HEGG is building great leadership and jobs.”

DeCarlo started with HEGG just a few short weeks ago and is learning the different roles that help take a project from start to completion. From plumbing to electrical and even painting, DeCarlo is one of the first team members on HEGG Modular and is working on the facility where our modular projects will be completed. “This has taught me patience and reminded me to take my time.”

We asked DeCarlo, “who should consider applying for job opportunities at HEGG”, and he said….

“If you’re looking to come work for HEGG, know that you’ll get to build with a great crew that has fun, this is the place to be. The team is patient, especially when it comes to training and teaching you.”

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