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Modular manufacturing is an efficient, green, high-quality process in which structures are constructed off-site, in a temperature controlled environment.

Using the same materials and held to the same codes and standards of quality as traditional construction, modular buildings are assembled from intricately designed individual modules.

This process allows us to create beautiful, sophisticated facilities in a fraction of the time of a conventional build, without compromising quality.

We bring your vision to life with customized designs for various project types, including single-family homes, duplexes, multi-family units, and hospitality structures. Our streamlined build process takes place in a temperature-controlled facility, allowing for 30-50% faster production with our dedicated in-house workforce. Safety is paramount throughout, with rigorous quality control measures in controlled factory settings to minimize on-site disruptions. We coordinate with certified transport teams for efficient delivery and conduct thorough on-site inspections upon installation, ensuring the highest standards are met at every step.

Our Commitment


The controlled environment of our Modular building facility removes a number of variables from the construction process. Because each module is constructed indoors, we are no longer at the whim of the elements, and the consistent build environment also reduces many of the dangers to workers present at conventional construction sites.


A side benefit of modular construction is build quality. Because each individual module is built to withstand the rigors of transportation to the build site, the finished structure is even stronger than the sum of its parts.


There’s a reason why facilities built with a modular construction process are finished 25-50% faster than conventionally constructed buildings. Modular construction can happen concurrently with foundation and site work, dramatically reducing construction schedules.


The off-site construction process creates opportunities to do the type of sophisticated fabrication work that is impossible on a conventional job site. The HEGG Modular facility’s temperature-controlled environment allows our teams and equipment to work with precision and consistency while dramatically reducing waste.


Modular construction offers cost savings through efficient production, reduced waste, minimal site disruptions, enhanced quality control, and faster returns on investment. With streamlined processes and precision engineering, modular projects typically involve lower labor costs, less material waste, and quicker completion times, resulting in overall cost-effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much faster is modular construction compared to traditional methods?

Modular manufacturing typically reduces build times by 30 to 50% compared to traditional construction methods. Building modules within a factory provides certainty, allowing construction to progress every day, with our team covering everything from studs to finishes.

How does building modules in a factory improve efficiency?

Constructing modules in a factory environment enhances efficiency by:
Providing a controlled environment conducive to continuous construction work.
Eliminating delays due to weather conditions or site-specific challenges.
Streamlining production processes, such as material handling and workforce allocation.

How does HEGG Modular ensure quality in its modular construction process?

HEGG Modular maintains high-quality modular manufacturing by working in a controlled environment. Our facility is climate-controlled and automated. We use a progressive assembly-line approach, ensuring precision and efficiency. Each module undergoes thorough quality checks, guaranteeing adherence to standards.

How does modular construction reduce disruption to neighbors?

Modular construction completes 75-90% offsite, minimizing noise, dust, and traffic. Fewer workers mean less street parking and noise. With fewer truck deliveries, noise pollution decreases. Rapid construction transition enhances job site safety and deters crime.

Are modular home prices more or less expensive than those built on site?

Modular and stick-built homes often have similar costs for comparable materials and finishes. Modular builders offer a guaranteed price upfront, while stick-built estimates typically include allowances for finish choices made after construction begins. This flexibility can lead to stick-built projects exceeding budgets by 10-15% or more, leaving homeowners to cover the extra expenses.

How do modular homes differ than homes built on site?

Modular homes, unlike stick-built homes constructed piece by piece onsite, are built indoors on an assembly line by specialized tradespeople. These homes are crafted in sections (modules) and transported to the site for assembly, reducing weather-related delays. Due to their indoor construction, modular homes can be completed more swiftly than stick-built ones. Both modular and stick-built homes must adhere to building codes.

Do I have to do all the design for the build and site work?

No! The advantage of selecting HEGG Modular is that you have access to professional design and build expertise. From helping you design the perfect floor plan to handling all site work, you have full turnkey services available to you.

What makes the building process environmentally friendly?

Waste in the factory is separated and recycled, reducing the impact on landfills. This has less disruption in terms of noise and time at job site. Building a manufactured home also allows for higher energy efficiencies and reduced heating costs.

Our Commitment to Safety

We prioritize safety within our organization by maintaining a full-time safety personnel and a dedicated safety committee. Additionally, we conduct Job Hazard Analyses (JHA) to identify and address potential risks. Our commitment to safety extends to providing CPR and First Aid training, ensuring that our team is well-equipped to handle emergencies. Furthermore, we emphasize on-the-job safety training to cultivate a secure and vigilant working environment for all.

Leadership Team

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Trevor Weinrich

General Manager, HEGG Modular

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Project Manager

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Trevor Weinrich

Trevor Weinrich, a Brookings, South Dakota native, graduated from SDSU with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, launching a dynamic career across industries like electronics, precision agriculture, hydraulics, mining, and millwork. Specializing in LEAN manufacturing, Trevor provided invaluable consultancy to South Dakota manufacturers, emphasizing operational efficiency and leadership development. He is deeply committed to fostering positive company cultures and empowering individuals to thrive. Trevor’s dedication extends beyond the professional realm as he cherishes family life with his wife and two sons, embodying integrity, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Dalton DeBoer

Dalton resides in Brandon, SD, alongside his wife and two children. Originally from Clear Lake, SD, he pursued his passion for global studies, graduating from SDSU before serving as an Infantry Officer for four years. Building on his experiences, Dalton obtained an M.S. in Construction Management from the University of Texas El Paso. Returning to South Dakota, he delved into the construction industry, specializing in multifamily developments while working for general contractors in Sioux Falls.

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