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Reimagine commercial construction

Modular construction is an efficient, green, high-quality process in which structures are constructed off-site, in a temperature controlled environment. 

Using the same materials and held to the same codes and standards of quality as traditional construction, modular buildings are assembled from intricately designed individual modules. This process allows us to create beautiful, sophisticated facilities in a fraction of the time of a conventional build, without compromising quality.

Why build Modular


There’s a reason why facilities built with a modular construction process are finished 25-50% faster than conventionally constructed buildings. Modular construction can happen concurrently with foundation and site work, dramatically reducing construction schedules.


The off-site construction process creates opportunities to do the type of sophisticated fabrication work that is impossible on a conventional job site. The HEGG Modular facility’s temperature-controlled environment allows our teams and equipment to work with precision and consistency while dramatically reducing waste.


The controlled environment of our Modular building facility removes a number of variables from the construction process. Because each module is constructed indoors, we are no longer at the whim of the elements, and the consistent build environment also reduces many of the dangers to workers present at conventional construction sites.


A side benefit of modular construction is build quality. Because each individual module is built to withstand the rigors of transportation to the build site, the finished structure is even stronger than the sum of its parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because construction takes place concurrently with foundation and site work, a modular building can typically be finished between 7 and 12 months after groundbreaking for a typical 80-room select service hotel, months sooner than a conventional build started at the same time.

Yes, modularly constructed buildings must meet the same international commercial code and elemental condition standards as a traditional site-build structure. And because each module is built to code as its own structural unit.

Modular buildings share the same limitations and potential of any building made from timber. Anything conventional timber construction can do, Modular can do faster, greener, and easier.

If you’re imagining a series of boxes stacked upon one another, you have the wrong idea. “Modular” does not mean what you might remember it meaning 20 or 30 years ago. Aesthetically, contemporary modular buildings are virtually indistinguishable from their traditionally constructed counterparts.

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