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Get to Know Ross, the VP of Finance at HEGG Modular

February 28, 2023

Ross has been with HEGG for 6 months and has already had a huge impact on both our company and our team culture, and is also the first recipient of our “Exemplifying HEGG Team Spirit Award”. This recognition is awarded to one team member who lives the HEGG Values through camaraderie, collaboration, & cooperation between different areas of the organization, and Ross truly exemplifies the HEGG spirit every day.

As the VP of Finance for HEGG Modular, Ross oversees the implementation of our software and internal controls, and what he loves most is that no day is the same. “Right now, it’s not a standard day any day, it’s a benefit to be at the forefront of this fun from the beginning (HEGG Modular), we’re working together, meeting with vendors, coordinating, going to projects, and meeting with project managers.”

In addition to the people, flexibility for work-life balance, and team-building opportunities, what drew Ross to HEGG is being part of something from the beginning and being able to grow with the team, initiate and standardize processes, and most importantly, build a team from the ground up. “Knowing the reputation HEGG has within our community and knowing they are fully invested was important. They also want you to have a good experience, from the top down, it’s a priority. Whether you’ve been here 10 hours, 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years, they want you to walk away from HEGG with a positive experience.”

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When it comes to why he loves working for HEGG, Ross listed the opportunities that are being created. For instance, HEGG Modular provides opportunities for jobs year-round, (yes, even when we get a foot of snow. Plus, “we’re able to support customers and communities with faster response times with how we’re able to build and respond year-round (from start to build), being more flexible with how we can build the building and reducing waste,” Ross said.

With 6 new positions added to our HEGG Modular team, we also asked Ross, “if someone is looking to make a career change and join the team at HEGG, what skills or characteristics should they have?”, Ross said…

  1. Having the right mindset and personality (someone who is ready for change and wants to live the HEGG values every day)
  2. Having the willingness to learn (outside of your “box” or one area)
  3. Being ready to be part of building something (teams, people)

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